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Eaton Fuller Transmission PartsWe have new, used, and rebuilt Eaton Fuller Transmission Parts at great prices!  We also have Eaton rebuild kits which save you money compared to buying the parts individually.  We stock parts for Fuller mid-range transmissions to Fuller Roadranger Auxiliary (AUX) transmissions. No matter the Eaton transmission model you have, we have the parts, rebuild kits, or overhaul kits for it!

We have decades of experience in rebuilding transmissions and specialize in Eaton Fuller transmissions so we know our parts.  Our industry professionals can help with any kind of questions if you aren’t sure which parts you need.  We can offer you parts PDF breakdowns and PDF service manuals for your transmissions.  After we find the parts you need, we have an online store stocked with close to 100,000 parts where you can click and buy instantly from us right to your door.

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Eaton transmission partsClick here to visit our web page for Eaton Fuller parts. We stock genuine Eaton Fuller parts to completely overhaul a transmission or a single part to repair it. We offer rebuild kits, bearing kits, bearings, gasket kits, gaskets, master re-builder kits and remember to check the input shaft, air hoses, synchronizes, shift fork, O-rings, main shaft drive gear, countershaft drive gears, and countershaft, overdrive gears for wear and damage. The main shaft overdrive gears, shafts, slave valve, shift knobs, m/s washers, m/s key auxiliary washers should always be checked before being installed.

Remember to always inspect the front bearing cover, output seal, snap-rings, and clutch shaft bushings, sliding clutch and electronic controls, speed sensor, shift tower, for damage. We also sell the shift sticks and knobs, shifter, range valve, speed sensors, and splitter cover for 13 and 18 speeds, shift tower O-ring, clutch brake, air system, tapered roller bearings, ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, yokes, cases, bell housings, snap rings, O-rings and bushings for most models. We stock parts for rebuilding an Eaton fuller mid-range as well as factory remanufactured Eaton transmissions for sale. We are your number one Eaton Fuller transmissions parts supplier specializing in Eaton parts catalogs, Eaton Fuller Transmission Parts Supply, Spicer Transmission Parts Warehouse, Fabco Transfer Case Parts  and more.

Proper Lubrication is the key to long transmission life.

Proper lubrication procedures are the key to a good all-around maintenance program. If the oil is not doing its job, or if the oil level is ignored, all the maintenance procedures in the world are not going to keep the transmission running or assure long transmission life. Eaton Fuller Transmissions are designed so that the internal parts operate in an oil circulating bath created by the motion of the gears and shafts.

Thus, all parts are amply lubricated if these procedures are closely followed:

1. Maintain oil level.

2. Follow maintenance interval chart.

3. Use only recommended lubrication.

4. Buy lubricant from a reputable dealer.

checking oil level in Eaton Fuller transmission

Note: Before checking the oil level, the engine must be idling & transmission in neutral for at least 2 minutes. Lubricant temperature must be between 60 °F & 120 °F (15.5 °C and 48.8 °C).

Eaton Fuller transmission oil level

Proper Oil Level: Make sure oil is level with the filler opening. Because you can reach oil with your finger does not mean oil is at the proper level. One inch of oil level is about one gallon of oil.

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Differentials, Transmissions, Transfer Cases & PTOs are new and rebuilt by Pro Gear and covered with a one year, unlimited mileage warranty.  *See warranty. All other warranties are that of the manufacturer.

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